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Prenuptial Agreements Attorney
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Explaining Details to A Prenuptial Agreement

Premarital asset protection is one of the most important things you can do for your children and family if you looking to protect premarital assets, potential inherited assets, vested family interests, are heading into a second marriage or all of the above. Attorney Paul C. Bishop drafts comprehensives prenups for his clients. Attorney Paul C. Bishop has drafted and negotiated numerous pre-marital agreements and has the expertise to handle your agreement. Contact his today to discuss your marital agreement questions and concerns.

For nearly 20 years, drafting prenuptial agreements for individuals and engaged couples throughout eastern Massachusetts has been a mainstay of attorney Paul Bishop’s practice. To date, there has never been one of his prenups overturned in a divorce court ruling.

Let's iron out any agreements you want to establish before your marriage. Contact me to get started.

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Contact him to learn more about the value of prenuptial agreements by calling his Norwood office. I advise my clients that they are a legal necessity if they are heading into a second, or subsequent, marriage. Protecting your family assets from the unexpected is worth the time and effort to visit with me.