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Business & Income Valuation Attorney
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Helping to Ensure Proper Value of Business Assets

Valuing business interests and income in a divorce can have an enormous impact on your future. At The Law Offices of Paul C. Bishop in Norwood, we give our clients’ cases personalized attention for all of the details. Attorney Paul C. Bishop has the technical and professional resources to properly value all of your marital assets and debts in your divorce.

Attorney Paul C. Bishop strives to secure a fair distribution for each of his clients. To discuss your divorce, contact him at his Norwood offices.

Business and Asset Valuation

Attorney Paul C. Bishop represents clients with a wide range of business interests. Whether you and your spouse are business owners, or you have a substantial personal investment in a company, he can guide you through the process of business valuation during divorce.

Attorney Paul C. Bishop will work with a network of experts and professionals, such as forensic accountants, to value business interests and assets. He will help you divide business interests and ownership in a fair and equitable manner.

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Valuing Self-Employment for A Divorce

Division of property can become complex when one spouse is self-employed. Valuing your own work or attempting to reveal the hidden income of a self-employed spouse can be difficult. However, proper income valuation is essential to determining child support, alimony, or division of property in your divorce.

Attorney Paul C. Bishop represents clients in and around eastern Massachusetts who are self-employed as well as spouses of the self-employed. When necessary, he will employ experts to assist us in valuing the assets of the self-employed spouses, uncover any hidden income and determine a fair division of your property.

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His experience means your success. To discuss business and income valuations, contact Attorney Paul C. Bishop in Norwood Massachusetts..