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Answers to Your Alimony Concerns

Laws about spousal support, often still called alimony, are very specific in Massachusetts. Spousal support may either be ordered by a family law judge as part of the final divorce settlement or it may be included in a negotiated settlement agreement between spouses. Alimony is typically based on a variety of factors that take into account the need and financial circumstances of both spouses.

Attorney Paul C. Bishop can explain how spousal maintenance laws might apply in your pending divorce. Contact his offices in Norwood, Massachusetts, to discuss your pending divorce needs.

Factors for Alimony Include Such Things As:

  • The length of the marriage: Long-term marriages of 20 years or more, as well as the contributions of the nonearning spouse, may be significant factors.

  • The vocational skills and earning capacity of the dependent spouse

  • The age of the spouses

  • The health of the spouses and whether health insurance is available

  • The station or lifestyle enjoyed by the parties during the marriage

It is important to note that there is only a broad framework codified into Massachusetts law concerning how to calculate alimony. This means that the duration of alimony and the amount ordered by a court may vary from judge to judge and from county to county.

Since there are no definitive standards or rules for determining the amount, it is critical to have an experienced lawyer on your side who can present a strong argument regarding alimony in your case.

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His Experience Will Help

If you are considering divorce, spousal support may be an important concern. If you have spent the majority of your marriage taking care of the needs of the home and family, receiving alimony is a valid divorce settlement option.

Attorney Paul C. Bishop represents those who are seeking alimony and those who are concerned about their potential alimony obligation. He knows how to structure alimony agreements that will be approved by the court, suit the needs of his client, and anticipate disputes that may arise in the future.

If you are currently obliged to pay spousal maintenance and your financial situation has changed, he can help. Attorney Bishop provides experienced representation for people who need to apply for modifications to their spousal support orders.

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