Paternity And Contempt Cases

Support For Paternity And Child Support Enforcement

If you are pregnant or have had a child and are fighting for child support from the baby’s father, The Law Offices of Paul C. Bishop, PLLC, can help. We represent the needs of women by filing petitions for establishing paternity and child support enforcement.

Our attorney is recognized for taking a tough stance on paternity testing and enforcement matters by family law officials throughout eastern Massachusetts. Collecting back child support by filing paternity suits is your right under Massachusetts law. Our lawyers help ensure that fathers are held accountable for the support they owe for the welfare of their children.

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Divorce Contempt

Divorce contempt is most simply defined as the failure of a divorced party to live up to the terms of the settlement agreement or judgment. In order to prove contempt in Massachusetts family court, three criteria must be met. There must be a clear order by the court; there must be a clear violation of the order; and the defendant (payer) must have the ability to comply with the order.

The strictest penalties for divorce contempt include jail time, restitution for support payments owed, legal fees and harsh financial penalties. In the event the defendant is unemployed and has been unable to meet support obligations, the judge may order active job searches, community service and participation in a job readiness program. Massachusetts takes divorce contempt very seriously.

Representing Payers And Payees

Whether you are a payee or the payer in a divorce contempt claim, The Law Offices of Paul C. Bishop, PLLC, offers experienced representation. We have earned a reputation among family law officers for our integrity and commitment to upholding the highest standards of Massachusetts family law practices. Our services include a full investigation of contempt charges, case development and a clear presentation on your behalf in court.

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