Child support and social media

by | Dec 21, 2012 | Child Support, Firm News |

A man who claims he is unable to pay child support to his 6-year-old daughter is under investigation by courts after posting incriminating photos on his Facebook page. According to reports, prosecutors are looking at one specific photo in which the man is holding a large amount of cash.

In a statement, the man did not admit to owning the money in the photographs, instead he alludes to it belonging to a family member. He owes thousands of dollars in child support and has failed to make payments, claiming he simply does not have the money the state is asking of him.

The man claims that he cannot find a job, and working for his independent contractor friend is not currently able to bring in enough money to make the payments. The mother of his 6-year-old child says she does not believe his excuses. She says she just found a job where they are hiring 200 people and that his lack of a job is due to his lack of trying.

The woman says she is not surprised that prosecutors are investigating his Facebook page, as the man has no privacy settings in place and continually posts pictures like the one in question. The District Attorney currently has an application for a search warrant of the man’s home to decide whether or not he is able to pay child support.

This is a perfect reminder of why the things put up on social media sites can be so damaging to a person. On the other hand, the things this man put on his Facebook could lead to his daughter getting the money she deserves.

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