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Comprehensive Family Legal Assistance That Strives For Your Goals

If you are considering filing for divorce or have other Massachusetts family law needs, there are a variety of sound reasons for hiring an experienced attorney like Paul Bishop to represent you.

Our Experience Means Your Success

Attorney Paul Bishop offers more than 40 years of litigation trial experience. He knows how to develop and present a clear case to protect your family law interests at the negotiating table and in court. His experience means that you won’t have to pay for a less experienced lawyer’s mistakes and an expensive learning curve. He knows when to advise you to negotiate your best settlement offer or to fight to protect your interests. He never forgets that it’s your divorce and future, not his.

Aggressive Family Law Representation

If you are fighting for child custody, parental rights, or support, you want an attorney who won’t back down. Paul has the experience to find resolutions to the most complex divorce issues. His experience as trial lawyers means he can anticipate what is likely to happen next, so he can act quickly on your behalf.

Compassionate, Responsive Communications

Divorce and family law are more than just filing motions and agreeing on how to divide marital property. Because Paul operates a small law firm, he can offer high levels of individualized personal service. Before he tells you what he is going to do, he will ask you what you want your future to look like. He will be upfront and honest about his fees and how your decisions will affect the cost of your divorce. Most importantly, he will work directly with you for the duration of your family law case. He will be there when you need him.

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Attorney Bishop has the professional and technical resources to meet all of your divorce, property valuation, and modification needs. Contact his offices in Norwood by calling to schedule a consultation. Let him show you how his experience means your